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Comparison of Bioclear and Other Alternative Dental Procedures

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Biolcear is now the preferred dental procedure through which dentist can fix some of the dental irregularities your front teeth have. You will like its lower cost when compared with porcelain veneers. It is preferred since it is minimally invasive. There is no filing of your teeth here. You will like its faster application and great results.

Bioclear works at to close those gaps that exist between your teeth. It offers better durability and stain resistance than dental bonding. It can also be put in place in one visit, unlike porcelain veneers which need several visits. You shall also have an easier time repairing them, and appreciate how easy it is on your gums.

The Bioclear process shall make use of a set of patented plastic matrices and a semi-liquid tooth-colored composite resin to make your teeth look better and be stronger. It works so well it is taking over bonding, veneers, and also certain cases of dental crowns. It is liked by many people for its unique and desirable qualities.

It works well to close gaps between teeth. Age comes with the increase in the spaces between our teeth. This procedure shall have those spaces effectively dealt with. This also happens to be more affordable for you, when you look at the alternatives in the market.

It used to be that to take care of chipped teeth, closing gaps, and improving the smile, you had to do bonding, teeth capping and crowns, and veneers. These may have worked, but they left in their wake other dental issues. Bonding would for example give you ledges and gaps at the margins that would be a haven for bacteria. You would with time develop stains, chips, cavities, and bleeding gums. Once Bioclear is done, there will not be any ledges and gaps to cause you any trouble. It would give you fuller, stronger and more beautiful teeth, with no damage on them from the process.

Porcelain veneers, on the other hand, are strong, but tend to chip rather easily. You will likely chip them if you have the habit of grinding your teeth, of it you get an accident. Chipping is not possible to fix, and so you will have to get it replaced. This is an expensive procedure. Since Bioclear uses a dental composite, it can be added on, which means there is no need for a replacement. The porcelain veneers also put you through an invasive procedure, where your teeth will have to be filed to allow for them to fit. Bioclear adds the composite on top of your teeth as they are. You will have stronger teeth as a result. For more insights regarding dentist, go to

The cost of Bioclear at is also significantly lower. This shall cost you almost half of what porcelain veneers cost to have fixed.